Services Offered

We understand that not every swimming pool and it’s owner are the same. We have multiple service plans to accommodate the individuality of your pool. To best maintain your swimming pool needs, please review the options below:

Great for fountains, above ground spas and swimming pools that have a full time cover on them when you are not enjoying them.

This plan includes the following:

  • Test and Adjust Water Chemistry (Chlorine, Acid, Bromine, Saltwater)
  • Empty Skimmer Baskets
  • Monitor and adjust (if necessary) pool/spa equipment for proper operation
  • Scheduled to come once per week

This is what most swimming pools and spas require to maintain them properly on a year-round bases. With Wet Feet Pools, we have revolutionized the way this process is completed and charged. You will notice that we have taken a lot of the guess work out of your monthly maintenance bills as the plan INCLUDES ALL CHEMICALS.

This plan includes the following:

  • Test and Adjust water chemistry (Chlorine, Acid, Bromine, Saltwater)
  • Empty Skimmer Baskets
  • Monitor and adjust (if necessary) pool / spa equipment for proper operation
  • Scheduled to come once, twice or three times per week


  • Skim the water surface for floating debris
  • Vacuum the bottom surface for sunken debris
  • Brush Pool Steps
  • Empty Pool Cleaner Debris Bag
  • Clean Filters (Year round up to 4 times INCLUDED)
  • Paint water pipes in Equipment area to prevent Sun Damage and Pipe Sweating

This plan was designed for the homeowner that truly enjoys their pool/spa and home year round. We have designed a service plan that includes all of teh services listed above under POOL / SPA MAINTENANCE as well as includes Residential / Commercial Window Cleaning thru RBI Window Cleaning. This plan can be customized for your specific needs. Options Include:

  • Exterior Window Cleaning Only once yearly
  • Interior / Exterior Window Cleaning once yearly
  • Interior once yearly, Exterior twice yearly (Most Popular Option)
  • Interior twice yearly, Exterior four times yearly

If you are the manager or president presiding of a commercial pool, you are very aware the importance of maintaining the swimming pool properly and the incredible costs involved in the maintenance of the pool properly. Too often this is learned after the Health Department has closed the pool down for improper maintenance, repair work and safety signage.

Wet Feet Pools has designed a specific maintenance schedule just for this reason. We include all of the above maintenance (INCLUDING ALL CHEMICALS) listed above under Pool / Spa Maintenance as well as include an ongoing quality car inspection and updated signage to be displayed to the public. A regular maintenance log is kept both on-site as well as computerized at our offices.

Additional Services can always be added on including:

  • Swimming Pool Whitening (Acid Wash)
  • Equipment Repair / Replacement
  • Pool Light Bulb and fixture replacement
  • Install Handrails
  • and so much more, just ask…